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Wireless Network and Internet
Information on connecting to the wireless network, and other networking services.

Wireless Networks

Connect to Griffins Wi-Fi

Griffins Wi-Fi
Fast, secure, and reliable wireless network provided for employee and student personal devices (laptops, tables, mobile phones, etc.)


Griffins Guest Only Wi-Fi 
Visitors to The Buckley School campus can enjoy free guest wireless service. For the guest network password, please click here.


iBuckley Wi-Fi 
iBuckley is a network to connect other approved devices to the internet (iPads, smart devices, etc.). For the iBuckley network password/ID, please contact the Buckley Help Desk.

IoT Wi-Fi 

IoT is a network to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices and appliances such as smart TV and displays, smart speakers, VR headsets, lighting fixtures, thermostats, security systems and cameras, etc. For the IoT network password/ID, please contact the Buckley Help Desk.

Campus Data Network Connectivity

Buckley provides the Ethernet data networks that connect the campus community. We also provide Internet, and peer to peer connections with private and public organizations.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client 

Some services, such as accessing your home or shared drive, require VPN. A VPN is a "virtual private network" that creates a secure connection to the Buckley network and Cisco AnyConnect is the software used to connect. Find instructions on downloading and configuring Cisco AnyConnect to get started with VPN access.

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