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Telephone and School Directory
Campus telephones, voice mail, VoIP, unified messaging, school directory and more.

If you download a copy of the PDF to your desktop, you can open it and search for an extension quickly by clicking on Edit > Find on the menu bar.


Common Links

School Directory

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The school directory allows Buckley members to look up student, parent, and faculty/staff photos, phone numbers, email addresses and additional information.

Log into MyBUCKLEY > click on Directories > and search.

Telephone Services

Zoom Phone Services

Buckley IT provides Zoom Phone services via Polycom desktop phones, the Zoom computer client and Zoom mobile app.  This service includes  troubleshooting, setup and configuration. 

Buckley IT is responsible for supporting the phone cloud-based infrastructure, and recovering from service provider problems.


Quick Start Guide

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Incoming Calls to Classroom Phones
Classroom phones are configured to not allow incoming calls from outsiders (e.g. parents, vendors, etc.). You may receive a call from other campus phones or your division office may transfer any calls to your classroom phone. 


Voicemail to Email 
Buckley uses the voicemail-to-email notification system. This means that when you receive a voicemail you’ll also see a new email with the message attached as a sound file in your Inbox. Additionally, your message will be automatically transcribed.


An example voicemail-to-email notification 


The voicemail service DOES NOT synchronize your email with Zoom's voicemail system. If you delete a voicemail message from your email, it will remain on the Zoom's voicemail system, and vice-versa.

How to setup your voicemail greeting

If you have a dedicated desktop phone (a Polycom E450, you may access your voicemail options via the instructions in the next section below. 

  • Sign into the following link with your Google Buckley credentials: Zoom Phone Settings - Click Here

  • Scroll down to Greetings & Leave voicemail instructions > click Edit > Add Audio

  • Select your options. If using text-to-speech, we highly recommend using the Joanna-Female voice option.

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Accessing Voicemail via Phone
If you have a dedicated desktop phone (a Polycom E450), you may access your voicemail using the following method:

  • Press the Message Center key on your phone. 

  • Follow the voicemail prompts.

  • If you don't know your PIN, contact Buckley IT.

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