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MyBUCKLEY and Data Systems
Information on servers, database systems and more.

S1 Final Grade


Prose Report Writing


P.E. Report Cards

  • Zoom - How do I obtain the teacher’s Zoom link?
    The teacher will post the link on the classpage announcements within MyBUCKLEY or The teacher will email the link to the class
  • Zoom - How do I see a list of participants?
    Once the meeting has begun, click on Participants to see a list of all participants How do I mute/unmute myself?
  • Zoom - How do I mute/unmute myself?
    The teacher may or may not allow students to unmute themselves. If you’d like to talk, you may use the Raise Hand (bottom-right button within the Participants window pane). This will let your teacher know you need their attention
  • Zoom - How do I get the teacher’s attention?
    If you’d like to talk or ask a question, you may use the Raise Hand (bottom-right button within the Participants window pane). You may toggle between Raise Hand and Lower Hand, if needed.
  • Zoom - How do I Chat with my teacher or other students?
    Once the meeting has begun, click on Chat (below-middle). Within the bottom-left of the Chat window pane you can change the To: field from Everyone to your teacher. Most teachers will NOT allow you to chat with other students unless the lesson requires it.
  • Zoom - How do I start recording?
    Students should not be allowed to record meetings. Please consult your teacher. Your teacher will record and share the meeting, if needed.
  • Zoom - What is Zoom's Privacy Policy?
    As a K-12 education customer, the following privacy policy governs our accounts:
  • Zoom - How do I unmute a participate/student?
    Ask All to Unmute: Display a pop-up notification to all muted participants with option to unmute themselves or stay muted. A host can't unmute a participant automatically. The participant must approve their microphone being unmuted.
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